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Sellers Kitchen Cabinet History have 4 images including 1919 Elwood Co, IN Newspaper Ad On SELLERS KITCHEN CABINETS Contributed By: "Rosemary Evon" , Antiques Attic, 1923 Sellers Cabinet | Sellers, Kitchen Maid, Curtis, And Other Companies Competed Against Hoosier For The Ultra-modern, Super Efficient Kitchen Center., The Hoosier Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Sellers Kitchen Cabinet Bakers. Here are the pictures:

Antiques Attic

Antiques Attic

1923 Sellers Cabinet | Sellers, Kitchen Maid, Curtis, And Other Companies Competed Against Hoosier For The Ultra-modern, Super Efficient Kitchen Center.

1923 Sellers Cabinet | Sellers, Kitchen Maid, Curtis, And Other Companies Competed Against Hoosier For The Ultra-modern, Super Efficient Kitchen Center.

The Hoosier Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Sellers Kitchen Cabinet Bakers

The Hoosier Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet Sellers Kitchen Cabinet Bakers

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